Tuesday, 6 August 2013

for the most part i wear what i want, when i want. i don't tend to pay too much attention to what other people have to say about my clothing because i like to forge my own path in that respect. clothing/style is so personal (or at least i think it should be) and i have never wanted my clothing to represent anything other than me, myself and i.

sometimes, however, its hard to create your own style because everyone just shops from the same stores! my solution to a world with no originality? (other than shopping vintage...) patterns! and i don't just mean buying and wearing patterns, i mean doing something different with those patterns. for example, if you try mixing patterns there is very little chance of you mimicking others. you are the only one who would choose to put pattern a with pattern b. but pattern mixing can be tricky. you have to find the right balance of matchiness to uniqueness. you don't want to go crazy and put hot pink and purple polka dots next to dark red and black crosses (though i am sure this could be accomplished with much class)

that is exactly what i love about patterns.

house of hackney are the pattern gods. i believe they started out as a wallpaper and home interiors company, but have expanded to the world of fashion. and boy am i thankful. they take patterns from inside the home, patterns that you are more likely to see on the walls of 1950s british home, and imprint them onto beautifully crafted clothing items. and they are just so good at it. 
if you look carefully at the photo above, you will see that she is wearing a dress and sitting on a chair, which is in a room all covered by the same pattern. this is magic people. this is how you do patterns.

ever since my mom took me to the beverly hills hotel when i was 14 i have been obsessed with the funky palm leaf wall paper pattern that covers those prestigious hallways. HoH has reincarnated the infamous wallpaper and brought it to life in more mediums than i had ever dreamed of. 

the thing about the patterns created by house of hackney, is that they are the perfect starting place. they are patterns, but they aren't too intense. you can add patterns on top of these patterns and not feel as though the world is looking at you thinking "this girl thinks she knows patterns. she doesn't know patterns". 
but see, i don't even like florals. they're too easy. but i like these florals! wtf HoH?
with the helpful hand of house of hackney, you can do patterns too.

anyway... that is enough from me! tell me what you think in the comments below, and are there any pattern composers you love?

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  1. cool post
    House of Hackney is right where I live but Ive still never been in. I might do now


  2. I looove House Of Hackney, they have the most amazing prints!

    1. i totally agree!

      I checked out your blog as well :) you have such cute style!