Sunday, 21 July 2013

for my first real post (numero uno counts as post #0 simply because it was a jumping off point... i.e. not real) I want to appreciate yellow gingham. and all things yellow for that matter.

i recently saw this outfit:

posted to the opening ceremony instagram and realized how much i actually love yellow gingham. even though red gingham is a classic, and blue gingham can make you look totally sweet, i had never really thought to include yellow gingham in any part of my life, let alone my wardrobe. today i am recognizing the colour yellow, for all the unnoticed work it has done in the fashion world. unnoticed, that is, by me.

these pants exist on the opening ceremony website.. and probably in the stores as well. i want them. pls.  also there is this:

i've always loved the patterns on 70s wall papers (like this, this and this), and i feel like this sweater takes on a more subdued version of those patterns. they also have this same pattern in different colours and styles so if you want to be all totally like 70s then definitely take a look!

this girl is too cute and might just happen to have a thing for 70s wallpaper design as well.
she writes the blog fancy treehouse and sells her own vintage clothing here. she wears whatever the hell she wants and always looks amazing. lets all try to be a bit more like Coury.

and here is my contribution...
i bought this dress at a vintage shop in montreal and have worn it every day since. that's an exaggeration. but it is literally falling apart because of how often i wear it. maybe one day i'll post a photo where you can actually see what it looks like..

just because i also mentioned gingham i thought i would include this photo:
vanessa jackman found this girl and i know it isn't yellow but she looks so good. i will dream of this outfit forever.

until next time....... 

**i do not own any of these photos unless otherwise stated
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  1. One of my favorite dress of this year is lemon yellow, and your's so cute too.
    Thank for your comment and good luck with your brand new blog!!!

  2. The last one is defiantly my favorite:0
    And I've started following you x

  3. ahhh yellow printed pieces are so so darling!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. I love these pieces!!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  5. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. Nice post! Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and GFC?